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Dave Ford
Songwriter, Vocalist and Guitar Player

Dave Ford grew up in the Midwest. At a young age he was surrounded by a family of musicians, and artists. The family would get together during the holidays and play and sing together. Dave is a descendent of Stephen Foster; his grandmother sang and played piano in speakeasies during prohibition in Atlantic City and his grandfather spent some time in Vaudeville.



Dave took the spirit of legacy, his songwriting talent and has spent the last 20 years in his studio writing and producing songs that are about love, life and the ever-changing thread of decisions we all make. His music comes from R&B, Rock &Roll and Jazz with a rhythm that makes you want to tap your toes and lyrics that speak to your soul.


As a young man he worked on his guitar sharpening his skills, while listening to artists like The Eagles, Tom Petty, Marvin Gaye and America reflecting on the depth and soul of the songs. He has created some of the most reflective lyrics around.


Dave makes everyday about “listening” to the heartbeat of life and creates songs that will move you, inspire you and that you will relate to. He is a very real human being that shares the depths of his personal experiences in song.


In his most recent CD “Anthology”, Dave expresses the heart of “Essence of You” and a laid back tribute to the ocean in “The Beach”.